Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's Get Tuit!


Sorry for this long post.  There's a funny story I have to share.

During the Online Extravaganza I took the plunge into digital scrapbooking and purchased My Digital Studio.  I've been procrastinating even trying it.  This sale was a great push to get myself started.  Now, I don't think it's ever going to be my favorite way to scrap.  But if someone asks me about how it works, I'll be able to explain it like I really mean it.

I knew right away what I wanted to create for my first project.  I don't want to start male-bashing right now.  But bear with me for a moment.  I love my husband dearly, but there are some things that he procrastinates on.  For example, a light bulb went out on our ceiling fan the night before one of my classes and I asked him to change it.  For me to change the bulb, I would have to carry a ladder from the basement, etc.  For him, it's a simple step up on a chair.

One weeknight evening I could tell that Randy was feeling a bit restless.  The weather was cold and rainy, so he didn't want to take his usual walk.  Just like I do with the kids, I suggested a few activities to occupy his time.  He didn't want to fold laundry or clean up toys, so my next suggestion was for him to clean the bathroom sink drain.  Yucky, I know.  But it's one of those things that needs to be done now and then.  His immediate reaction was, "I'll wait and do it over the weekend."

That answer didn't go over very well with me.  I was doing the dishes at the time.  So, I told him, "What if I decided to wait and do the dishes on the weekend?"  The kitchen would be a mess and I wouldn't be able to cook.  He'd probably like that because it would mean take-out pizza or even worse, McDonald's.  Randy had nothing to say after that.

That night the bathroom drain didn't get cleaned out.  A week later, one of the towel racks fell off the wall.  The racks are original to the house, dating back to the late '40s.  There is a teeny, tiny screw on the bottom of the end of each hook that holds the racks to the wall - about the size that's used in eye glasses.  It was close to bedtime when the rack fell down.  I asked Randy if he would re-attach it to the wall.  Our conversation went like this:

          Randy: "Not right now."
          me: "Why not?"
          Randy: "It's late."
          me: "So?"
          Randy: "Well, I'd have to go down to the basement to get a screwdriver."
          me: "So?"
          Randy: "I'll do it this weekend."
          me: "That means we'll not have a towel rack for a few days."
          Randy: "Yes, that's right."
          me: "I supposed you need a 'Round TUIT,"

I laughed my head off and Randy laughed with me.  As I predicted the next morning the kids were using the broken towel rack like a sword.  All I had to do was give Randy a look and he knew he needed to get around to repairing it.

I chose my designer series paper, added a round punch, filled it with color, added a text box with the  "TUIT," and embellished it with some stitching and brads.  Next, I saved it as a JPEG file and uploaded it to the Snapfish web site.  About a week later, Randy's Round TUIT mug arrived.  It was the last present that he opened on Christmas day.  He appreciated it.

Last year's mug had this photo on it of Clarice.  I was at a stamping event and Annika left a black sharpie marker in the living room.  Randy was unsure how to clean the marker off of Clarice's face, so he took a few photos and left me to clean her off after I got home.  Check out those black teeth!
Mary Kay eye make-up remover took the sharpie marker right off Clarice's face.

Randy took his Round TUIT mug to work on Tuesday.  I hardly heard from him all day.  I thought it was because he knew I was busy with the kids.  After he got home he told me that he was busy all day.  I told him it was because he had a "Round TUIT" with him, LOL!

My Occasions Mini items arrived last week. I've been dreaming about what to do with it all.  Hopefully, I'll have some items to show you over the next few weeks.

Happy Stamping!



Joe E. said...

I love it Sue! That's a funny story, especially the part where the kids use the towel rack as a sword.

bensarmom said...

What a great story! I get things done by asking where the tools are that I need to fix something! LOL The job magically gets done!

Margaret said...

Too funny! Love your mug and that picture is priceless! My sister just mentions calling someone for repairs to motivate my BIL! My DH has such unusual and long working hours that I have learned to do many things myself. It probably takes me twice as long, but it's done! I think I'm the one who needs the round tuit!!