Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Gifts for the Girls

The girls LOVE my stamping stuff!  So for Christmas I decided to get them their own supplies. And they loved it all!  I got them each a set of Stampin' Spots, Dazzling Details and rhinestones. Annika got Many Mustaches and S.W.A.K. Dide (pronounced Dee-da) got Turtle & Co.

Here are a few of Annika's creations:
Annika came up with that tagline on her own.

Here's a card that Dide made for her classmate Chase.  She's going to his birthday party next Saturday.  They've known each other since they were babies.
Dide did a great job with the two-step stamping on the turtle.

Dide has always loved my job.  She's only six and still at that age where she will do anything to please me.  She's naturally artistic and is always creating something.  Annika, on the other hand, used to come home from school and tell me that she hated my "job" because it took time away from her.  With her mouthy nine year-old attitude she would complain and even make quotation marks in the air when she said, "I hate your 'job!' "  (Well, maybe she's been neglected a few times now and then.)  Anyhow, I know they love what I do.  And now Annika admits that she LOVES my job.

I can't wait to play with all of those sets!  They are ones that I like, but hadn't purchased for myself.  I've commented before that we haven't gotten much snow yet.  Well, we're now under a lake-effect snow advisory.  I really hope the first day back after Christmas vacation isn't delayed or cancelled because I've got some stamping to do!!!

Happy Stamping!


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bensarmom said...

Susan, What fun cards your girls have made. I love the idea of giving them their own things. I did that with my kids and they made their own thank you cards which was really nice for me.