Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Busy Weekend

Warning: this is a non-stamping post.  However, at the end I do show you an alternate use for a Stampin' Up! product.  I wanted to share a few photos of the kids. Three of my four kids have May birthdays.  Add onto that all of the end-of-the-school-year concerts, Girl Scouts activities, baseball games, etc. and you've got one overflowing calendar.

Here are some photos from Annika's birthday on Friday.  I spent part of my day baking a red velvet cake for Annika, my daughter who turned 10 years old today.  She wanted Chinese for supper so I concentrated making her red velvet cake.

Annika criticized Dide for the way she put the candles on the cake.
So I had to console her for a few minutes. Look at that sad face. She's devastated!

Then I came back to the dining room to see this:

To be honest, I think Clarice started it.  But the birthday girl had to finish it.

And now onto my alternate use for a Stampin' Up! product. Bradley had math homework to do over the weekend, but forgot his protractor.  So I put some vellum card stock into my printer and copied one so he could complete his homework. No excuses!

I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of this!  Boy was he ever angry with me when he had to do his work.

I have to spend some extra time in the kitchen today.  Dide wants lasagne and garlic bread.  Her birthday is tomorrow, but we're celebrating today.  Tomorrow is too busy with Bradley's baseball game and Dide's Girl Scouts meeting.  (Not sure how I can be in two places at the same time, LOL!)  It was actually Dide's idea to celebrate today. She wanted to get an ice cream cake, so I only have to cook dinner.  But I need to make cupcakes for all 27 kids in her class.  It's too hot to have the oven on!!!

Happy stamping!



bensarmom said...

Susan what fun pictures! Love the dinner she picked, it's one of my favs! So ingenious of you to help your son with his homework. I chuckled when you said he was not happy with you! Kids will be kids.

Margaret said...

Awesome pictures of the birthday! Love the 'eating the cake' pics!! LOL at the creative protractor! I'll have to remember that trick!