Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Hope Is In You, Lord

When we bought our new van it came with a 90 day subscription to Sirius XM Radio.  I've been loving it!   Not sure I want to give it up.  But I'm gonna have to be selling a lot more stamps to afford it, LOL!

The kids like Radio Disney and some other teenie-bopper station.  My two favorites are "The Boneyard," a heavy metal station and "The Message," a Christian station.  Talk about two completely different stations.

Last night, I went to the funeral home last night to see my Aunt Carm.  That was the noisiest funeral home I have ever been to - all those chatty Italians in one big room!  Even though it was sad, everyone was prepared, in some way, for her passing.  On the way home I heard a new song on "The Message" and wanted to share it.  Knowing that I would forget the artist and title, I saved a text message in my phone with the information (also hoping that I wouldn't actually send the message by accident).  Then I watched the video this morning.

Kinda ironic, I had no idea that the video would be about someone passing.  I hope to remain strong for my Aunt Carm's children and grandchildren - and also for my dad and his brothers and sisters.

Addendum:  I also found a video that was the inspiration for this song and wanted to share it, too.

Happy Stamping!



Joe said...

Hey sister Sue! There are heavy metal Christian bands. The best of both worlds for you, LOL! Here's one link in youtube:


Paper Potter said...

We sing this in church and I was wondering where the inspiration came from. I too listen to the Message, and was snagged into annual subscriptions to Sirius with that free 90 day trial. I LOVE having it with me when we travel!!! I listen to Dr. Laura, too ;)