Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Quiet House

Today is unusually quiet in our house.  Clarice is still sleeping and I've got plenty of things to do.  But I am sitting here at the computer.  Over the weekend I made several different Christmas cards for my upcoming Christmas Stamp Camp, but haven't photographed them yet. 

Last week Randy helped me mount the Stampin' Up! logo to my new van.  Here it is:


Lots going on tonight:

Bradley has his first Cross Country meet at 4:30 pm.  I asked him last night to get everything packed that he needed.  Told him he'd need a separate bag for all his gear.  But he insisted on putting it all in his school backpack.  Then this morning I get a call from Bradley while he's on the bus on the way to school that he needs his spikes.  They didn't make it into his backpack.  This is only the second week of school - and the first trip to deliver a forgotten item.  (I'm trying to get him to be more self-sufficient - and can't enable him by packing his bag.)  Since Cross Country is not exactly a spectator sport, I told Bradley I'd be at the school before 5:30 pm, but I'm not exactly sure when he'll be finished.  Having a kid in a school sport is a new learning experience for me.

Annika has her Open House tonight at school from 7-8 pm.  I'm SO glad that the two elementary schools are doing their open houses on two different days.  (Thank you, Mrs. Weller!)  Prior to this year, we had to go to one school from 6-7 pm, then the other school from 7-8 pm.  I already told the girls that they have to shower before 7 pm.  (I'm sure that all of the girls will want to accompany me!)  Since Randy and I are outnumbered, we've gotta keep on track with the bedtime routine.

Because of the evening events, I've got to start thinking about what to have for supper.  And it's not even 9 am!  We're probably going to all eat at different times tonight because of the scattered evening schedule.  It's only going to get more complicated as the kids get older.

Hope you have a great day!

Happy Stamping!


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